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Using High-Intensity Interval Training to Maximize Workout Impact

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High-Intensity Interval Training
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Joe Matejka is an accomplished Ohio business executive who guides Custom Fundraising Solutions and has raised more than $3 million annually for students and schools nationwide. In his free time, Joe Matejka enjoys activities such as cycling and weight training.

One of the recent trends in fitness is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is used as a way of maximizing the impact of workouts within a limited timeframe. In a classic HIIT workout, each exercise move is performed for 20 seconds, doing the maximum number of reps possible. Following a 10-second break, the move is performed for another 20 seconds at full steam, before moving quickly to the next exercise.

Uniquely suited to those who can’t get to the gym, many HIIT exercises, ranging from jumping lunges to burpees, can be performed in a home or park setting. The key is to ensure that each exercise in the workout is designed for maximum impact. For example, simple push-ups should be done from a plank position and involve a slow descent to a position just off the floor. In addition, keeping the core muscles tight avoids the kind of sagging and arching that lessens the impact of the exercise.