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The Importance of Driving Fundraising Participation

Mattress Fundraiser pic
Mattress Fundraiser
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As founding president of Custom Fundraising Solutions in Westlake, Ohio, Joe Matejka develops concepts to help nonprofit organizations engage stakeholders and secure funding. Joe Matejka’s Custom Fundraising Solutions spearheaded the creation of a successful fundraiser utilized by more than 1,200 schools this year.

Getting people interested in a fundraiser requires more than simply creating awareness of the event itself. For others to get involved, they first need to have some kind of personal attachment to the event, whether that means active involvement in the sponsoring organization or a connection to the cause that the event supports. Those who fall into one of these categories are more likely to be loyal donors, and are therefore more likely to elicit others’ support.

Studies show that many people who participate in fundraising events do so largely because of the efforts of third-party individuals or organizations. These motivated stakeholders do much of the work for the sponsoring organization, who otherwise must use valuable time and effort to reach out with mailings or in-person invitations. Fundraisers do attract some people who simply enjoy the activity involved, but because those individuals are less likely to be repeat donors, organizations must make the effort to directly motivate as many people as possible.