Using High-Intensity Interval Training to Maximize Workout Impact

High-Intensity Interval Training pic
High-Intensity Interval Training

Joe Matejka is an accomplished Ohio business executive who guides Custom Fundraising Solutions and has raised more than $3 million annually for students and schools nationwide. In his free time, Joe Matejka enjoys activities such as cycling and weight training.

One of the recent trends in fitness is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is used as a way of maximizing the impact of workouts within a limited timeframe. In a classic HIIT workout, each exercise move is performed for 20 seconds, doing the maximum number of reps possible. Following a 10-second break, the move is performed for another 20 seconds at full steam, before moving quickly to the next exercise.

Uniquely suited to those who can’t get to the gym, many HIIT exercises, ranging from jumping lunges to burpees, can be performed in a home or park setting. The key is to ensure that each exercise in the workout is designed for maximum impact. For example, simple push-ups should be done from a plank position and involve a slow descent to a position just off the floor. In addition, keeping the core muscles tight avoids the kind of sagging and arching that lessens the impact of the exercise.


Support Schools with Custom Fundraising Solutions Mattress Fundraiser

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Mattress Fundraiser

An entrepreneur and executive in Westlake, Ohio, Joe Matejka was nominated for an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2016. As the founder and president of Custom Fundraising Solutions (CFS), Joe Matejka developed the innovative mattress fundraiser, used across the country in more than 1,800 schools this year.

Created as an alternative to traditional fundraisers such as selling candy or washing cars, the mattress fundraiser invites families to buy something they already need. The average family has four mattresses in their home, each of which should be replaced every 10 years. CFS brings a mobile showroom to each school, allowing customers in need of a mattress to peruse a large selection of high-quality mattresses in all styles and sizes.

Customers purchase a mattress at up to 50 percent off retail prices, while groups can easily raise thousands of dollars in one day, with zero risk. Sales are quick and convenient, and all mattresses come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. For more information, visit

Basic Safety Tips Cyclists Should Know When Out on the Road

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Safety Tips Cyclists

Joe Matejka is the founder and president of Ohio-based Custom Fundraising Solutions, a firm that facilitates mattress fundraisers for schools, churches, sports teams, and other nonprofit organizations. Outside of his work with Custom Fundraising Solutions, Joe Metejka enjoys the pursuit of physically active hobbies like weight training and bicycling.

As bicycling becomes a more common option for regular transportation among adults in the United States, it is more important than ever that cyclists remember several crucial rules to keep themselves safe on the road. To begin, any adult who rides a bicycle on the road should first make sure that the bike itself meets safety standards for optimal control and road-readiness. A rider should always make sure that a bike is the correct size and the seat is at the right height for his or her body. Prior to a ride, a cyclist should always check to make sure that tires are optimally inflated and brakes are functional.

Another important rule for basic safety is to keep in mind that a bike should be treated like any other vehicle. Cyclists should always obey traffic laws, and ride on the side of the road when possible in order to provide other vehicles with the ability to pass. Any person who uses a bicycle on the road should also familiarize himself or herself with basic hand signals to indicate his or her intents while cycling.

Cycling Trails in the Cleveland, Ohio, Area

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Morgana Run Trail

Based in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, Joe Matejka founded Custom Fundraising Solutions and has served as its president for over a decade. In his spare time, Joe Matejka enjoys staying active by participating in such hobbies as bicycling.

The Cleveland area has numerous options for cycling aficionados. Whether cyclists want to take in urban views as they bike or simply wish to enjoy a solitary ride, they can do either on one of the following trails:

Morgana Run Trail
Located on the site of the old Wheeling & Lake Erie Rail Line, the Morgana Run Trail runs from the Erie Canal Way Reservation to the neighborhoods of Union-Miles and Slavic Village. Here, cyclists can ride on over two miles of designated biking routes or travel alongside traffic on a half-mile-long signed trail on the main roads.

Treadway Creek Trail
In 2007, the City of Cleveland spearheaded the Treadway Creek Trail project in an effort to restore the ravine in the Old Brooklyn community. Now completed, the trail runs through 21 acres of scenic woodland and includes a multi-purpose paved section that lasts for about two-thirds of a mile.

Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway
Spanning 17 miles adjacent to Lake Erie, the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway provides ample opportunity for cyclists to ride on both street and off-road trails. In addition to cycling, the bikeway connects to some of Cleveland’s most popular attractions such as the downtown area and Edgewater State Park.

Two More Bicycling Myths Exposed



Joe Matejka serves as the founder and president of Custom Fundraising Solutions in Westlake, Ohio, where he has spearheaded popular mattress fundraisers in schools around the area. Outside his professional life, Joe Matejka enjoys various leisure activities, including bicycling.

Despite attempts to raise awareness, many misconceptions still exist among the general public about bicycling. In the spirit of righting these misconceptions, here are three myths about bicycling and why they aren’t true:

There’s a common theme among those who don’t ride bikes that bicycling, on the whole, is not safe. The statistics, however, don’t prove that to be true. In fact, one is more likely to be involved in an automobile collision than a bicycle accident. Also, it is not the bicycle itself that represents a danger, but automobiles who tend to crash into the bikes, typically due to lack of attention.

There is also the prevailing myth that cyclists tend to break more traffic laws than automobile drivers. This narrative has been perpetuated by lawmakers, who have characterized cyclists as perpetual lawbreakers. According to a recent survey of cyclists and drivers by University of Colorado engineering professor Wesley Marshall, however, drivers admitted to breaking traffic laws at a slightly higher rate than cyclists.

For those looking to take up the hobby, it is important to seek out the best information rather than relying on misconceptions that can often be perpetuated.

Fill This House Provides Beds and Housewares to Young Adults in Need

Fill this House pic
Fill this House

The founder and president of Custom Fundraising Solutions in Westlake, Ohio, Joe Matejka is behind increasingly popular mattress fundraisers in schools around the area. Joe Matejka donates some of these beds to the Cleveland charity Fill This House.

Fill This House exists to serve the needs of older foster children as they begin a period of transition. When foster children turn 18, they age out of the system. For many new adults, this means suddenly finding oneself without a home or possessions.

Fill This House helps these underserved young adults bridge the gap between foster care and providing for themselves. Operating on faith-based principles and powered by volunteer efforts, the charity provides young people with all of the housewares, bedding, and other basics they will need in their first apartment, dorm, or house.

The organization needs donations of new goods to run effectively and is always seeking help from the public. To learn more, visit

Fundraising and Fill This House

Fill This House pic
Fill This House

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ohio University, Joe Matejka founded Custom Fundraising Solutions (CFS), an organization that facilitates mattress fundraisers for high schools throughout the United States. Involved in his local Ohio community, Joe Matejka and CFS donate beds to Fill This House (FTH), a nonprofit that provides basic necessities to children transitioning out of the foster care system and into independent housing.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, FTH solicits financial donations on their website, but they also encourage potential donors to get creative in their efforts to collect items for teens transitioning into independent living. Event suggestions include golf tournaments, hosting a gift shower at a home, or organizing an item drive at work where individuals can contribute gifts. Churches and schools can plan events to collect items and raise money as well.

Fill This House provides the host a list of desired items and then only a location, date, and time needs to be set up. FTH stores and holds the items in their warehouse.