About Joe Matejka

Joe Matejka
Joe Matejka, President of Custom Fundraising Solutions and founder of “The Mattress Fundraiser” 

An experienced entrepreneur and marketing professional, Joe Matejka is the founder and current president of Custom Fundraiser Solutions. Based in Westlake, Ohio, his company has grown to include over 40 offices across the country. His company originated the popular concept of selling mattresses as a fundraiser. Unlike small items such as candy bars, mattresses can bring in significant profits. Recently, Joe Matejka and his associates at Custom Fundraiser Solutions helped schools raise more than $3 million in a single year. Currently, 1,200 schools throughout the United States use Custom Fundraiser Solutions as a fundraiser service.

Educated at Ohio University, Joe Matejka holds a bachelor of arts in marketing. He established his current career with Custom Fundraiser Solutions in 2005. Outside of work, he enjoys spending his free time biking and weight training. He also regularly supports local charities such as Fill This House, an organization that provides help to foster kids.


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