Custom Fundraising Solutions: School Fundraisers, Start to Finish

Joe Matejka is the founder and president of Custom Fundraising Solutions, a business developed in 2005 to help school children raise money. In lieu of the much-offered chocolate almonds and car washes, Joe Matejka’s company initiated a mattress fundraiser which is now carried out nation-wide.


When schools or fundraising organizations hire Custom Fundraising Solutions (CFS) to manage their fundraiser, the company handles the entire process. Rather than children or their parents undertaking the sale of the product, CFS manages all sales and sets up the showrooms as required to display the products for sale.

Participants in CFS fundraisers are not expected to buy anything prior to the fundraiser, nor do they need to collect money or deliver the items purchased by supporters—CFS handles all the finances and distribution, presenting the money raised to the organization after the fundraiser is complete.

Once an organization decides to work with CFS, their primary job is to let the community know about the upcoming fundraiser. This can be done through posters, social media, or by word-of-mouth. Groups who have held fundraisers with CFS have raised as much as $50,000 with a single event.


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