Safety Tips for Weight Training

Joe Matejka is the founder and president of Westlake, Ohio’s Custom Fundraising Solutions, a firm that helps schools earn money through mattress fundraisers. Outside of work, Joe Matejka enjoys weight training, a fitness-intensive athletic practice that necessitates the following safety tips.

1. Since the exercise involves using weights and gravity to generate resistance against skeletal muscles, it is important that athletes take the time to warm up prior to lifting. A warmup exercise should be light and non-strenuous, such as a 10-minute walk. This allows the muscles to increase in temperature, making them more pliable, and less likely to suffer damage under strain.

2. Right before performing a lift, athletes should also check to make sure that weight plates are safely secured onto the bar. Once this has been accomplished, they should focus on using proper form to lift and not rely on momentum in order to raise the weight. Weight training is about maintaining control to increase strength and muscle size, and this can only be done when athletes focus on lifting at a safe, consistent speed.

3. A crucial component of safe weight training is awareness. Along with being aware of their surroundings, athletes who practice weight training need to be aware of how they feel physically. Anyone who experiences dizziness, chest pain, or shortness of breath during training should stop lifting immediately, and further examine their physical state.


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